Crossbow Hunting is one of the fastest growing segments of game hunting. With the mass legalization of crossbows for hunting over the past few years, hunters everywhere are looking to get started in this exciting sport!

Our sole purpose here at HuntingCrossbow.Net is to provide you with everything you need to know about crossbow hunting. The state laws, crossbow reviews, hunting tips & tricks just to name a few!

Get started by:

1.) Find out your local laws .

2.) Determine what kind of game you will be hunting and what type of crossbow you will require.

3.) Finally, browse our Crossbow Reviews to find the best crossbow for your needs!

We encourage you to check out all of our pages but would recommend starting with our FAQ's to find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

We hope you find all of the information you need to get started in the sport.

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In the Spotlight

Field & Stream | Best New Crossbows from the 2018 ATA Show

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Content provided by our friends at Excalibur By Scott Bestul Field & Stream Only a few years ago, seeing the new crossbows was something of an afterthought compared to checking out the flagship vertical bows at [...]

Is Crossbow Hunting Legal in Your State?

You better know before you go! A quick look and hover over our map below will show you the state general laws about hunting with a crossbow.

Some states consider it archery and others a firearm. Each state is different and laws and regulations can and do change frequently.

We encourage you to click on your state below and follow the link to your state's laws and regulations to read up on.

HuntingCrossbow.Net will make annual changes to the map, or when we hear about a change in the law. Please send us an e-mail or comment below if you know of a change in the law in your state.

Crossbow Hunting Video of the Month!

For those hunters who have only experienced rifle hunting or those completely new to the sport, we want to introduce you to the high octane, heart pumping excitement of hunting with a crossbow!

What better way than video? Each month we will update the video with a new exciting hunt featuring a crossbow. Check back monthly to view our updated Video of the Month!

Video of the Month

Savage Outdoors

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The One: is not about the kill at all. Each episode of The One takes you through an extremely detailed story of what it takes the guys to get to that one opportunity or that [...]

Types of Crossbows for Crossbow Hunting

Recurve crossbow, compound crossbow, and reverse crossbow. Wait, what? Reverse Crossbow? Which is one is the best crossbow?

In the beginning, the information can be overwhelming. Get accustomed to the different types of crossbows by reading the articles below.

Start with the recurve crossbow, since it all began there anyway. Then progress to the compound and then onto the reverse draw compound crossbows.

Will understand the Pros & Cons of each and find out which ones will be best for your situation!

Recurve Crossbow

One of the worlds oldest weapons. See the Pros & Cons of a Recurve Hunting Crossbow.

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Compound Crossbow

A Crossbow Hunters Dream Come True. See the Pros & Cons of a Compound Hunting Crossbow.

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Reverse Draw Crossbow

The Latest and Greatest in Hunting Crossbow Technology. See the Pros & Cons of a Reverse Draw Hunting Crossbow.

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