5 Advantages of a Hunting Crossbow

Lady Hunter with her Hunting Crossbow

Crossbows have literally changed the game for hunting. A single primitive weapon with a touch of modern technology combines the excitement of bowhunting with the accuracy and ease of use of firearm hunting. 

The Top 5 Advantages of a Hunting Crossbow

These five advantages, and the mass Legalization of Crossbow Hunting across the US has made crossbow hunting one of the fastest growing segments of the hunting industry.

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5.) Hunting Crossbows are Extremely Powerful

Hunting Crossbows pack a punch of power in a relatively small package. The average hunting crossbow draws weight is around 150lbs compared to an average draw weight of 75lbs for a hunting compound bow. Hunting Crossbows have an average speed of 350 feet per second as compared to the average speed of 250 feet per second for a hunting compound bow.

4.) Length of Full Draw

Another distinct advantage of a hunting crossbow to that of a hunting compound bow is the hold time for the full draw. Obviously one can only hold a compound bow at full draw for an extended period of time before exhaustion. On the contrary, a hunting crossbow, once cocked, can stay in that position indefinitely. This advantage will allow the hunter more time to focus strength and energy on accuracy and making the perfect shot.

3.) Ease to Shoot from Most Any Position

We all know that hunting will sometimes put us in precarious and sometimes awkward shooting positions. Hunting Crossbows, with their relative compact design, make certain areas easier to hunt than their firearm and archery counterparts. The horizontal length of a rifle or vertical positioning of a compound bow, with brush, trees or other impairments, can make certain shots near impossible. The compact design and ease of hold of a hunting crossbow can drastically increase the accuracy and the likelihood of making the harder shots.

2.)  Learning Curve

These final two advantages are huge in our opinion and can easily be arranged in reverse and we would not disagree.

Someone who has never fired a firearm, bow or crossbow can become accurate after just minutes of use with a hunting crossbow. Sure, we could fire a gun or bow and hit a target but the ability to replicate accuracy in only minutes from a true novice is not likely.

On the other hand, most who have never fired a crossbow can replicate accuracy out 160 feet within minutes of basic instruction. 

Being easy to learn to takes away most of the fear from a novice looking to enter the sport.

1.) Involvement for the Whole Family

With all of the aforementioned advantages combined makes crossbow hunting perfect for the whole family! Literally, children up to the elderly can hunt and do so well with limited practice.

After all, crossbow hunting started out as a way for the disabled and elderly hunters, who can no longer manage a bow, to stay involved with hunting.

I know some of our readers prefer to use hunting seasons as a break away from the family, but in this day in age, it is good for everyone to get out in the field, away from the gadgets and get back to nature. What better way to do that than a family hunt?

After all, the family that hunts together, stays together!

Child with Hunting Crossbow
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