The Barnett Crossbow company started in the early 1960's. After taking & receiving orders from friends and family, Bernard Barnett turned his hobby of working with crossbows into a full-fledged business. Little did he know at the time his company would grow to be the world's leading crossbow manufacturer. He and his company would lead the way in crossbow hunting innovations & technology!

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Barnett Crossbow Expands

By the 1970's Barnett's crossbows were being mass manufactured all across Europe. Then word spread to the United States. At this point the Barnett Crossbow exploded in popularity. Soon after, the first American manufacturing plant was built to handle the increased demand for the crossbow in the United States.

The Big Move

All of the growth in the American market brought with it new makes & model lines. To streamline the manufacturing process and bring costs down, the company realize a move to the United States was imminent. In 2003 Barnett moved to the United States permanently.

Industry Firsts

As has been stated, Barnett was a pioneer in crossbow hunting innovation & technology. Along with this historic rise to greatness, Barnett had many industry patents and firsts including:

  • Breaking Speeds of 300 Feet Per Second
  • A crank cocking device
  • Carbon Riser Technology
  • An adjustable cheek piece on the stock
  • A shoot through foot stirrup

So what is next for Barnett?

The Barnett Crossbow Today

Today Barnett is owned by Plano Synergy Holdings. The Barnett name and quality products are just one of many hunting and fishing brands owned by Plano Synergy Holdings.

Barnett products are among the most popular brands in the crossbow hunting market today. They manufacture every kind of crossbow and many accessories. Crossbows include recurve, compound and even a reverse draw crossbow.

Here are a few of our favorites:

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