The Fastest Crossbow

Fastest Crossbow - Orion Extreme Reverse Draw Crossbow from Scorpyd

We here at HuntingCrossbow are often asked: “What is the fastest crossbow?” This would seem like a pretty basic and standard question, however, it is not that cut and dry.

The Variables to Consider

There are many variables to consider. Are you looking for the fastest crossbow in general or the fastest of a specific type of crossbow? For instance: the fastest recurve crossbow, fastest compound crossbow or fastest reverse draw crossbow?

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Once you have that narrowed down you must consider the actual speed tests performed by the manufacturers. Most manufacturers perform their speed tests under the optimal conditions. They will not necessarily use hunting equipment. For instance, they might use a different bolt or arrow weight and size and shoot from a bench with an automated trigger pull. All of this done indoors under perfect scenarios.

Learn the Fundamentals

HuntingCrossbow believes that there is no substitutions for the fundamentals. Learn to shoot correctly with basic equipment before attempting to up your game by jumping to the speed demons of the crossbow world.

All right, with all of that said; out of all the available data we have sifted through, we gathered the following information and are proud to present you with the Top 4 Fastest Crossbows!


1.) Scorpyd Orion Extreme

Out of all the crossbows we looked at, we found that the absolute fastest crossbow was the Scorpyd Orion Extreme

Fastest Crossbow - Orion Extreme Reverse Draw Crossbow from Scorpyd

It only makes sense, after all, Scorpyd invented the Reverse Draw Technology we have today. It is also no surprise that the fastest crossbows available today are all reverse draw.

The Scorpyd Orion Extreme has speeds up to 440FPS! It also has the heftiest of price tags among the crossbows we looked at with a price of just under $2,000.

2.) Barnett Bone Collector Revengeance

The second fastest was the Barnett Bone Collector Revengeance. Yes, it is another Reverse Draw Crossbow and boasts speeds up to 400FPS.

Fastest Crossbow - Barnett BC Revengeance 400 FPS Crossbow

Not at all shabby, and at a price that is over $1,000 less than the Scorpyd, it might just be the best bargain.

3.) Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 400

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a recurve sighting! Just barely making the top 3 fastest crossbows we have the Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 400. For those of you who think you cannot get speed from a recurve crossbow, sorry to break it to you but, you are wrong. The Matrix Bulldog 400 has a whopping 400FPS from a standard recurve crossbow!

The price tag on the Matrix Bulldog 400 is just under $1,200. You get all of the quality, warranty and customer service from this crossbow manufacturing veteran. This one is perfect for all of the hardcore, traditional crossbow hunters out there!

4.) TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX

Our first Compound Crossbow is hitting the list at number three. This is the Carbon Phantom RCX by TenPoint. This newer model from TenPoint is actually as fast as their reverse draw model at 385FPS.

Fastest Crossbow - TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX

The price tag on this crossbow is at the higher end at $1700. This is especially true for a standard compound crossbow; however, you do receive the quality parts, warranty and superior customer service that TenPoint is known for.

The Fastest Crossbow – Top 4

Have you shot one of these race cars of crossbows? What did you think? What did you like or dislike? Hit us up in the comment section or drop us line HERE.

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