Best New Crossbows for 2018

Best Crossbow 2018

The new year brings new innovation and new models from the worlds foremost crossbow manufacturers! We here at Hunting Crossbow will help you determine the Best Crossbow for 2018!

The Best New Crossbow for 2018

Lets cut right to the chase. As of this writing, there have only been a handful of hunting crossbows released as 2018 models. In our opinion, the best of these is hands down the latest innovation from Excalibur.

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Excalibur 308 Short

The Excalibur 308 SHORT delivers lightweight maneuverability for tight spaces, whether it be a ground blind or treestand. With a super compact overall length of 30 inches and a shorter length of pull of 12.5 inches, the 308SHORT is ideal for hunters concerned with size and weight. p

Perfect for young hunters, ladies or shooters of smaller stature.The Excalibur 308 SHORT is complimented with a distinguished bronze finish and Mossy Oak Break Up camouflage. This crossbow blends perfectly into the surrounding forest.

The 308Short comes loaded with premium features such as the Dead-Zone Multi-Reticle Scope; X-Hanger 3 Arrow Quiver and performance tuned Quill arrows.

The 308SHORT is a unique crossbow setting the standards for balance and easy handling without sacrificing performance. Which is why we here at HuntingCrossbow have given this hunting crossbow an early lead as the best crossbow of 2018.

Other 2018 Models

There are other 2018 makes and models available. We will be updating this article as new models are released, so be sure to check back and sign up for our newsletter for updates!

 PSE Fang LT Hunting Crossbow:



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