HUGE Mississippi Whitetail Deer taken with Hunting Crossbow

Hunting Crossbow Whitetail Buck from MS

Crossbow hunting season is in full swing! Another big buck is down and this time it is in Mississippi!

Hunting Crossbow Whitetail Buck from MS
Photo: Jordan Watts

Crossbow Hunter takes HUGE Deer

On October 7th, Jordan Watts of Louisianna took this monster whitetail while crossbow hunting on public land in Mississippi.

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Jordan’s 12 point buck with main beams measuring more than  21 inches each, had long brow tines and bases measuring a whopping 6 inches! The deer green, scored 151 inches of antler bone!

So what was Mr. Watts’ weapon of choice? His trusty Horton Hunting Crossbow of course!

What is the best crossbow for hunting whitetail deer?

Do you want in on the hunting crossbow action? Are you struggling to know where or how to get started? Well, you stumbled upon the right website!

We here at Hunting Crossbow belive these crossbows to be the best crossbows on the market for crossbow hunting whitetail deer.

1.) Barnett Jackal

Best Crossbow for Deer Hunting

For medium size game including deer up to large hogs, the economical Barnett Jackal can do the trick.

The Barnett Jackal is one of the most affordable hunting crossbows available. This entry-level, compound crossbow packs a punch at 95 FP KE.

If you are wanting to get started this season with deer hunting with a crossbow, we highly recommend this crossbow.

2.) Excalibur Micro Suppressor

Excalibur Micro Suppressor Hunting Crossbow

This beauty of a recurve crossbow has enough speed and power for any North American game. For the experienced crossbow hunter, we would recommend this crossbow for all of your crossbow hunting needs.

Excalibur is known for superior quality in manufacturing & support, however, their hunting crossbows are some of the more expensive crossbows on the market.

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