Is Crossbow Hunting Legal in My State?

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"Is Crossbow Hunting Legal in My State?" This might be the most asked question of us by interested hunters. Laws and regulations can be confusing so we try and gather all 50 states regulations here.

Crossbow hunting started out as a way for disabled hunters to enjoy the sport of bowhunting. Most states could agree that the crossbow was an excellent tool for the disabled hunter.

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Over time, more and more states saw the legitimacy and benefits of the crossbow used for hunting. For more on the Advantages of Hunting with Crossbows, see our article: 5 Advantages of a Hunting Crossbow.

Is Crossbow Hunting Legal?

As the years past, more and more states have legalized the crossbow for hunting. It is different for every state. Some states classify the crossbow as a tool to be used in firearm seasons, others see it as an extension of archery equipment and legalize it for use during archery seasons. Some states even have it legal to use in all seasons.

We get asked regularly “Is Crossbow Hunting Legal in My State?” so to make it easier we developed a United States Map with a simple color code to help quickly understand the BASIC laws for each state. These laws can and do change regularly, so we here at HuntingCrossbow.Net try and update the map on a yearly basis. We encourage all hunters to understand their states law and when in question, contact your states wildlife or parks departments to find out detailed specifics before heading out into the field.


Simply hover over your state and a brief overview of the law will appear at the bottom of the map. For more details click the state and the state's website will pop up in another tab or window to allow you to view the full law as provided by the state.

The color codes are made to be quite simple.


Crossbow Hunting is Legal, but each state has different laws regarding which season the crossbow may be used.


Crossbow Hunting is Legal, however, the state's laws have more restrictions and require careful review of the law to be in compliance.


Crossbow Hunting is Legal, but in theses cases a few extra laws may be in place. For example, a permit maybe required, or even an age restriction might be in place to allow for hunters over a certain age only. Proceed with caution. Contact the states wildlife or parks departments for clarification of the law.


Crossbow Hunting is NOT legal. We like to say Not Yet Legal because, at one time or another, it was illegal in most states to use a crossbow for hunting.

Once again, state laws change on a regular basis. We will try our very best to keep this map updated with current laws and links to each state's regulations. If you see a broken link or an error in the law, please reach out to us and let us know. You can reach us via our “Contact Us” Page.

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