12 Year Old Girl Learns to Shoot a Hunting Crossbow

Child with Hunting Crossbow
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Hunting Crossbow safety has been a priority for the Missouri Department of Conservation for over 10 years now. Every region in the state hosts a summer camp for girls ages 11 to 15. The camp is free for up to 32 girls. 8 volunteers, mostly parents, help in teaching the girls ethical hunting practices; firearm safety and outdoor survival methods. The campers also participated in activities such as geocaching, fishing and archery and of course using a hunting crossbow.

Young girl with hunting crossbow
Margaret Slayton | News-Press Now

Hunter Safety Preparedness

These young girls are taught the skill sets needed to become hunter education certified from Missouri. Some of the participants are even planning hunting trips with one another. You can read more from Margaret Slayton | News-Press Now.

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Crossbow Hunting – Fun for the Whole Family

HuntingCrossbow has always believed that crossbow hunting can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. The ease of use makes the crossbow attractive to those like children who may be turned off by that of firearms and even archery. Young or old, proficiency with the crossbow can be obtained within minutes of becoming accustomed to it. This is just one of the many reasons we love the crossbow so much!

Hunting Crossbow Safety

We have always stressed the importance of crossbow safety. Not only will it make the sport more enjoyable, it will also keep you and your equipment safe. The Missouri Department of Conservation is doing a great thing by instilling these important principals into the minds of these young, impressionable girls. They are forming great habits that will pay dividends in the long run.

The Takeaway

In a day where kids can easily spend the entire day in a virtual world, playing video games, binge watching television or with their heads down in a smart phone; it is good to know there are free programs available to get kids outside.

Even better is the valuable safety lessons that are learned. Children are naturally curious. With the proper introduction and the teaching of safe handling, the majority of the curiosity can be diminished which will reduce injury and even death from the playing and the mishandling of hunting equipment.


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