NEW Illinois Crossbow Hunting LAW!

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There is a NEW Illinois Crossbow Hunting Law that will soon be taking effect. Let us get to know the current law, and get familiar with the NEW law!

NEW Illinois Crossbow Hunting Law - Get to Know the Law - Hunting Crossbow

Current Illinois Crossbow Hunting Law

Currently, Illinois allows for crossbow hunting for disabled hunters and senior hunter at certain points of the archery season with a valid, state-issued permit. See HERE. This is ALL about to change for the better!

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NEW Illinois Crossbow Hunting Law

Begining October 1st, 2017, crossbow hunting will be legal by ANYONE, regardless of disabilities, with a valid hunting license; during archery deer season and fall turkey archery season-ending January 14th, 2017.

The Illinois Governor, Bruce Rauner, signed the bill changing the states wildlife code to repeal restrictions on using crossbows during archery hunting season. This will make a crossbow a LEGAL weapon to use during archery hunting season!

To read more on this law you can click HERE to visit the Illinois Department of Natural Resources official website.

Great News for Illinois Crossbow Hunters

This is GREAT news for hunters in Illinois! If you do not know all of the benefits of hunting with a crossbow, we suggest you give this article a read: Top 5 Advantages of a Hunting Crossbow.

Get the whole family involved with crossbow hunting! Children, women & men alike can all begin to enjoy the sport of crossbow hunting. Crossbow hunting has a quicker learning curve than other hunting weapons such as traditional archery and firearms. The entry point into the sport can be less than or equal the others as well.

So where would one begin?

Top 4 Best Resources for the NEW Illinois Crossbow Hunter

1.) Safety First – Always be safe when hunting with ANY weapon. Get to know crossbow safety.

2.) Why Hunt with a Crossbow Anyway?

3.) What is the Fastest Crossbow and why does it matter?

4.) What is the most POWERFUL crossbow for hunting?



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