Parker Enforcer Review

Today we have decided to take a look at possibly the best and most popular of Parker Crossbow models to date the Parker Enforcer.

Although Parker Bows are a staple name in hunting communities the broader market has just recently taken notice of this quality U.S. manufacturer. Parker has boasted for years that their crossbows are the easiest bows to cock and reload on the market, and how their engineering teams are constantly looking to improve the design of their crossbows. This drive and desire to be the best crossbow manufacturer have propelled Parker Crossbows into the limelight and they are gaining market share amongst even the biggest giants in the crossbow game.

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The Parker Enforcer

Parker Enforcer Hunting Crossbow

The Enforcer crossbow is a beautifully crafted bow, coming in with an overall weight of just 7 pounds; this ballistic polymer frame and high strength aluminum riser are designed for speed & power! Its overall length comes to 36.75”, axle to axle running width comes to 20.25”, which means this bow is just short enough to not be a nuisance in a tree stand and long enough to provide the power to take down most any game in the U.S.

Crossbow Design

To make this crossbow, even more, field ready, Parker has disguised the crossbow with a Realtree Hardwoods HD camo finish.

The bow was designed to be extra lightweight but still powerful enough for most hunter’s preferred game. In order to achieve this, Parker utilizes their “Advanced Split Limb Technology” and their “Micro-Lite Limb Pocket System. This technology allows for arrow speeds at over 315 feet per second (FPS). Not bad for a small, compact compound bow.


More advanced engineering include Anti-vibration and Anti-shock systems that were installed on the bow, to keep it optimally balanced before – during – and after you take your shot. It also helps in reducing the overall noise.

It is also equipped with an ergonomically crafted G2 trigger with safety and Anti-Dry Fire Mechanism.

The pistol grip stock has a vented forearm grip, to help in making the crossbow lighter and easy to maneuver.

Package Deal

Parker offers the Enforcer in a combination package that comes with a Four Arrow Quick Detach Quiver, four arrows with field points to fill it up with, and a 4X Multi-reticle Scope.

PROS of the Barnett Jackal are:

  • Made in the USA
  • Accurate straight away
  • Auto-Engage Ambidextrous Safety
  • Auto-Engage Anti-Dry-Fire Mechanism
  • Lightweight & Balanced
  • Fast & Powerful
  • Lifetime Warranty

What Crossbow Hunters are saying:

Hunters we surveyed cannot say enough good things about this crossbow. Saying that it is a “…great bow! Shot instantly straight right out of the box!” that it was “…dialed in perfect from Parker, well built, and made in the USA.”

“…had it put together in 15 minutes. Ran several bolts through it and the factory bore site was accurate.”

CONS of the Barnett Jackal are:

  • Noisy
  • Plastic Quiver that comes with the package is quite flimsy.

All in all the Parker Enforcer crossbow is being received well as an intermediate level hunting crossbow.

Due to its average price range, above average warranty, craftsmanship, safety features, and accuracy straight out of the box, we here at HuntingCrossbow.Net give this intermediate level crossbow 4 Golden Crossbows.

4 Star Crossbow Review by HuntingCrossbow.Net

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  1. Bought Parker Enforcer used at a great price and very pleased with it I would not hesitate to buy another one and strongly recommend this cross bow

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