Parker Stingray Fishing Crossbow Review

Parker Stingray Crossbow Fishing Setup

Parker Crossbows has changed the game with the release of the Parker Stingray!

The Parker Stingray

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is the first crossbow designed for the fast growing sport of crossbow fishing. Whether your game is a fresh or saltwater fish, the Stingray is absolutely perfect for both; as well as hunting a variety of bow fishing game like gators, turtles & frogs!

The Stingray is fairly compact and weighing in at only 7.5 pounds is decently lightweight. These qualities make it incredibly easy to maneuver, aim and shoot, whether you are on a steep river bank or balancing in a boat on the water.

One of the best features of this hunting crossbow is an adjustable draw weight range from 100-125 pounds. The crossbow can be easily modified and customized to your the desired draw weight depending on the size of your bow fishing game. The best part is, the draw weight adjustment can be made on the fly, without the need of any specialty parts, tools or a bow press!

The Stingray comes complete with everything you need to start bow fishing right out of the box, including the crossbow, an open sight, the AMS Retriever Pro bow fishing reel, bow fishing arrow and mounting hardware. AMSBowfishing offers a fast, simple operation with zero drag and excellent line control with the Retriever Pro System. It includes 25 yards of 200-pound high-visibility braided Dragon line. The Parker Stingray Package offers an integrated arrow quiver with bow fishing arrows and the Muzzy Gator Getter tips.

Just like all Parker Crossbows, the Stingray features the “EZ Pull System,” which makes cocking near effortless when using a Rope Cocker. In fact, tests have shown a reduction of more than 50%!

Crossbow Specs:

  • Power Stroke 11
  • Riser: Machined Aluminum for strength & lightweight
  • Barrel: Ballistic Polymer
  • Overall Stock Length: 34.25”
  • Axle-to-Axle: 23.250”
  • String: Red Hot Synthetic

PROS of the Parker Stingray are:

  • Out of the box, everything you need to start crossbow fishing
  • On the fly draw weight adjustment
  • Accurate and Powerful
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Includes the excellent Muzzy Gator Getter point

What Crossbow Hunters are saying:

A recent interview had a hunter say the following: ”Excellent product! Due to a shoulder injury, I can not use a traditional bow.” As we know, crossbows were first used in hunting to assist the disabled, so it is not a big surprise that this Hunter found the Stingray to assist with his bow fishing.

Another crossbow hunter said of the Parker Stingray, “it is an exciting crossbow with excellent potential for hunting alligators and use in bow fishing.” He highly recommends that if you want to get started in bow fishing, then you should skip the traditional bow, choose a crossbow. Not just any crossbow, you should choose the Parker Stingray!

CONS of the Parker Stingray are:

  • Retriever reel is right hand only
  • No rope cocking device included
  • Parker warns that without proper alignment of bolt and nock, a dry-fire could occur.

The Stingray includes everything you need to get started in the up and coming sport of crossbow fishing! There is no other mass manufactured crossbow fishing rigs available at this time, so Parker certainly has the market cornered at the moment. Eventually, others will follow, but until then Parker gets 5 Golden Crossbows!

5 Star Review from Hunting Crossbow

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